When space is tight, moving house can be a good option. The costs of moving, however, can be very expensive and often you inherit other people’s lack of storage! An alternative option to moving can be to think about how you can use your own home to its best advantage by investing in new storage, which will almost certainly add value to your home in the long term as well. Made2Measure are experts in helping you realise the space you have by helping you make the very best use of what you already have. Customers often come to us thinking first of their bedrooms and soon realise that we can help with every room in their house!

Once the new systems are installed, with their careful design and built additional features, it often prompts a refurbishment drive around the rest of the family home. Making a statement in the master bedroom with a bespoke fitted wardrobe or a new kitchen to entertain your friends and family can completely transform a property and many homeowners realise they wish to have more of the same elsewhere.

For many families with children, finding cubby holes to store Lego; pens, pencils, paper and craft kits; books; toy cars and trains; character figures; dolls; dressing up clothes, and all the other toys and paraphernalia that goes with the territory, can be daunting to say the least. Using imaginative design can transform your living room or children’s bedroom from somewhere resembling a bomb site to a place of tidiness and order.

“Don’t look under the stairs!” is a cry that can be forever banished. Our designers are skilled at taking dead space or cluttered areas and transforming them with shelves and any angle doors to make what was once a glory hole to a place of glory!
Back in the living room, large HD TVs are now just one part of the entertainment system to be found there. These days, people will have a Wii or Xbox, DVD player, hard drive, TV box and a host of other electronic or entertainment items that will no longer squeeze tidily onto a TV stand. We tailor a design to your precise room size and style preferences, to hide your plasma screen and all the accessories that go with it. It’s also a great way of controlling screen time for your children because once you close the door, the TV is hidden, and once it’s out of sight it can often help with out of mind.

The ‘man cave’ or garage can be transformed by improving the storage facilities it provides. Few people use garages for their cars and it’s common to see garages used as music rooms, art studios, offices or playrooms. Even when they’re used for storing garden equipment, we can substantially help with how your tools and bicycles are stored because our designers are adept at turning flat walls into storage havens!
All our designers and installers are superb craftsmen and take tremendous pride in the work that they do on your behalf. Lee Hyland is our MD and he has over 15 years’ experience in the industry, having worked for some of the largest companies in the business. His promise to our customers is that we will go above and beyond, every step of the way, to provide sliding doors and wardrobes made from the highest quality materials available. We make everything ourselves and because we don’t use kits and are not limited to just one or two suppliers or controlled by a head office, we can help fulfill even the most challenging design brief. We can design anything you wish, including, for example, using engraved or frosted glass in a range of colours in your design to complement existing décor, or using toughened, laminated glass, ideal for creating sliding room dividers. Our quotation will include both labour and all materials required.

Made2Measure Sliding Wardrobes has been established since 2010 and is East Anglia’s leading designer, manufacturer, installer and after care provider of sliding doors for homes and offices. If you’re thinking of new fitted wardrobes for your bedroom, extra office storage, more cupboards in your child’s playroom or want to maximise space in your cloakroom, then we are the company you need. Our team is ready to provide a truly bespoke service with everything custom-built just for you and nothing ‘off the shelf’.
If you would like to find out more, please contact us on 01473 604 385 – we will be waiting for your call!